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90 Day Fiance Fans Feel Painfully Embarrassed For Kimberly Menzies

90 Day Fiance Fans Feel Painfully Embarrassed For Kimberly Menzies90 Day Fiance star Kimberly Menzies, like her predecessor, Lisa Hamme had issued with jealousy when it comes to Usman Umar. The Nigerian singer often has female fans fawning over him, and yet, Kim still agreed to live in a polygamous relationship. Well, she seems so desperate for a younger man, that recent spoilers had TLC fans cringing and feeling embarrassed for her.

90 Day Fiance Star Kimberly Menzies Seens Desperate

Kim was a super-fan of Usman and when Lisa Hamme came to her senses and went off to live a more normal life, Kim was quick to step into the void. Well, fans saw the couple in Season 5 of Before The 90 Days and they didn’t marry. Actually, she seemed very jealous of Usnamn’s ex-girlfriend, Zara. So, it seemed weird that she would agree to other wives in Usman’s life. Like Michael and Angela Deem, it’s important for a man to have children in Nigeria.

90 Day Fiance fans were a bit shocked to see Kim and Usman in Happily Ever After? Season 7. After all, they were still single, And right now, it seems unlikely that they will tie the knot. But, Kim seems determined to push Usman into something that his family doesn’t want. In the latest episode, fans saw that Kimberly proposed to Usman, and his family is about to have a fit.

90 Day Fiance – Too Much Second-Hand Embarrassment With Kim?

Kim agreed to a second wife, but she wants to be the boss. Meanwhile, the family wants Usman to marry other women and that young person should have a child. Meanwhile, Usman talks about four wives.  Actually, Kim seems to push Usman so hard, that fans cringe for her. @90dayfiance_etc shared a post by @beingnozey and it detailed why fans feel so embarrassed for Kim.

@beingnosey via @90dayfiance_etc / Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance viewer talked about all the times Kim acted desperate, including polygamy and how she begged Usman for sex. Well, her proposal to Usman Umar seemed the last straw for fans. The caption of the reposted slide said, “The secondhand embarrassment I feel whenever she’s on screen…”

TLC Fans Discuss The Painful Cringe

In the comments, one 90 Day Fiance viewer said, “Desperation is so sad 😞.” And another fan wrote, “Damn it’s sad to see because we all deserve happiness. Kim please go where you are wanted and truly loved.”

Several folks used the word “cringe,” or “painful.” And one follower added, “So embarrassing.”

One TLC fan claimed, “I’d rather live alone then be as desperate as she is (sic).”

What are your thoughts about how people feel painfully embarrassed on behalf of Kim Menzies? Do you get the feeling that she is deluded and desperate about Usman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  2. […] 90 Day Fiance Fans Feel Painfully Embarrassed For Kimberly Menzies […]

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