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Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri Brown For Commenting On Christine

Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri Brown For Commenting On Christine

Sister Wives fans turned on Meri Brown when she confessed her feelings about Christine Brown leaving for Utah. No longer sorry for her, they slammed her for letting Kody humiliate her and for calling her painful sticking around “strength.” Additionally, they didn’t like her sarcastic response to her sister wife finding the courage to make a new life for herself.

Sister Wives Star Christine Gets On Fine Without Robyn & Meri Brown

TLC fans know that Christine is now free of Kody telling her how to live her life. Actually, season 17 has shown that things were way worse for her than fans knew. Meanwhile, it becomes obvious why Christine doesn’t talk to Meri or Robyn. Both of them helped Kody to gaslight her, and Meri seems strange in that respect. After all, she was the first wife who nearly escaped from her polygamist family.

Sister Wives fans know that Meri insists on sticking around with Kody. Actually, it seems that she simply can’t hear him when he tells her he doesn’t love her. Seemingly desperate for him to give her some attention, some folks think she is debasing herself. Always denying that she wants him to love her, she finally said what everyone knows. She will stay and stay and stay and stick it out until he rewards her with some attention. Unbelievably, she said that hanging around is her “strength.”

Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri For Criticizing Christine

Meri said that she couldn’t think of anything to say. Sarcastically, she said that she couldn’t say “congratulations” for leaving Kody. However, she also explained in her confessional that she’s “angry” and “upset” because Christine wouldn’t try and fix the problem. Denying that she can’t walk out the door if she chooses, she claimed she isn’t “jealous” of Christine for leaving.

Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri Brown For Commenting On Christine
TLC / Instagram

Sister Wives fans were furious and they erupted in the comments of the teaser on Instagram. Actually, people remember when she was catfished, and they agree that if it hadn’t been another woman, then the family wouldn’t have seen her for dust.  One fan wrote, “Meri your opinion does not matter… He’s not with you. You’re just a tv show extra at this point.”

More Roasting – Meri Loses Sympathy

Sister Wives fans are really upset that Meri didn’t support Christine more. One angry follower wrote, “Congratulations, you’re still spineless Meri 👏.”

Another critic slammed her saying, “She’s angry because she doesn’t have the strength to put herself first. I’m not being mean, but she’s a victim and Christine isn’t x It’s that simple x.”

What are your thoughts about Meri Brown being upset because Christine did stay like she did and hope in vain for Kody to love her again? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. […] You might recall that Kody tracked down his estranged wife on her birthday and that was the first inkling that the catfish incident might be put behind them. Well, as the seasons went by, it become obvious that they would never reconcile. Anyway, fans rooted for Meri but they remained confused about why she resolutely stuck around in a loveless relationship. But, a lot of her popularity fell away in season 17 when she dissed Christine for leaving. […]

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