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Will Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Ever Escape Through Marriage?

Will Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Ever Escape Through Marriage?

Counting On fans heard rumors for years now, that Jana Duggar is dating someone or another. However, none of the rumors came to anything. In fact, some folks suggest that she’s a closet lesbian. Whether she is or not, will she ever get rid of her father’s control by choosing to marry someone? Read on to find out what one blogger thinks about that possibility.

Counting On – Jana Duggar And  Laura DeMasie

Two years ago, a source claimed that Jim Bob Duggar is well aware that his daughter is a lesbian. In fact, the story goes that Jana is in love with Laura DeMasie.  However, he allegedly ignores the problem, perhaps hoping she will grow out of it. But, at over 30, if she is, it’s not likely to go away. Conversely, others tied her to various different men over the years. That included rumors that she might date Lawson Bates. Nevertheless, none of those rumors ever came to anything.

Counting On fans heard a rumor that got them cheering back in August this year, Allegedly, Jana moved into her own place. Apparently, it was thought to be about a half-hour drive from her dad’s home. However, it wasn’t verified. In fact, usually outspoken Duggar critic, Katie Joy refused to report on it. After all, it wasn’t verifiable. So, she took it with a pinch of salt. So for now, fans assume she still living with her mom and dad.

Counting On – Will Jana Duggar Marry To Escape Jim Bob?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball isn’t loved by every single TLC fan. However, she has been blogging about abusive cults for years. And in her opinion, Jim Bob is part of a cult. Whether you agree with her or not, her Without A Crystal Ball channel reveals that she spent years digging into the family of Jim Bob. So, her opinion is probably worth listening to.

During a Q&A on November 4, a follower asked Katie Joy “Do you think that Jana will ever see the light like Jill & Jinger or at least get away from JB by marrying?”

In reply, Katie said, “Nope – I don’t think she will ever marry.” Then she added, “She’s a stay at home daughter.”

Will Counting On Alum Jana Duggar Ever Escape Through Marriage
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram Stories

Counting On fans know that none of the girls in the family could leave home until they were married to someone approved by Jim Bob. For Jill and Jinger, marriage meant they undertook to obey their new man. Jim Bob allegedly doesn’t like it that they seem to give their wives more freedom. But, at least they can live more normal lives than some of their siblings.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball that the Counting On alum might never marry? Do you think that Jana Duggar will stay with her parents for the rest of their lives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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