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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Ditches Toxic Memories – Sells The Bed

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Ditches Toxic Memories - Sells The BedSister Wives Season 17 dives deep into the split between Kody and Christine Brown, and things have gotten really toxic. Well, for Christine, there are many happy memories in the family. However, there are also toxic ones associated with her furniture. Therefore, she decided to ditch anything that might recall bad memories. So, she sold the bed that she shared with Kody.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Makes A Clean Break From Kody

When it finally dawned on Kody that his third wife was really leaving him and moving to Utah, he freaked out. Recall, he threw a shouting tantrum about it. Actually, he even went so far as to suggest that she should find another guy and bring him into the family. So, it seems that he has no problem with a brother husband. Anyway, she turned him down on that idea and started packing for her move.

Sister Wives’ spoilers revealed that Kody seems perplexed as to why Christine would actually leave him. Well, everyone now knows that he withheld intimacy for a start. So, it seemed that she was just a useful nanny or financial contributor to the family. For TLC fans, it’s obvious that he was very toxic toward her. Also, he talked about her acting disobediently as if she were his dog. So, they cheer her on as she seeks independence.

Sister Wives Season 17 – Christine Brown Mixed Emotions About The Bed

At one stage, Christine struggled with jealousy when Kody was with the other wives. And, they produced six kids together. So clearly, there was some fun between the sheets. In a teaser shared by TLC on Instagram, she recalled that there were good times. However, they mainly related to giving birth to her children on her bed.

Sister Wives Star Christine Wants Nothing Toxic - Sells The Bed
TLC / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Christine decided that she didn’t want to take anything “toxic” when she moved to Utah. So, she sold her bed. On the day that it left her life forever, she had mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Kody seemed sulky about it. So, he ranted in his confessional about her attitude. Making it all about her being the bad person, he claimed that she’s driven him half crazy.

TLC Fans React

Sister Wives fans landed squarely in sympathy with Christine Brown. Almost nobody feels sorry for Kody that one of his wives finally ditched him and his bed. One fan wrote, “He’s just so gutted that he has no control over her anymore 😂.”

Meanwhile, another follower suggested to Christine, “spread sage! You enjoy your new chapter.” If you don’t know, there’s an old wives’ tale that sage can discourage creepy and nasty spirits.

This comment also arrived: “Good For you Christine!!! Now that she’s moving on and done with him, Kody wants to get upset and emotional about every little thing she does 😤.”

What are your thoughts about Christine leaving everything toxic behind her? Do you think it is a good thing that she sold off the bed that she shared with Kody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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