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Sister Wives : Is Kody Brown Using This Tactic To Keep Tabs On Christine?

Sister Wives : Is Kody Brown Using This Tactic To Keep Tabs On Christine?

Kody Brown has problems with the state of Utah. He didn’t want his ex-third wife, Christine, to relocate there with their daughter, Truely.

From his perspective, returning to that state is risky since the government is already working against them. Christine doesn’t care about his Utah issues since she has loving relatives there.

Kody may have settled in the state despite his contempt for it. Read on to find out more about what the 18-year-old father is doing there.

What’s Next For Kody Brown After Christine?

Kody didn’t want Christine to go to Utah for a few different reasons. He believed his family had opposed polygamy. So, they weren’t welcome there.

To add insult to injury, he was worried Christine might fall in love with a Utah guy who was against polygamy and knew who she was. This guy would eventually con her out of all of Kody’s money.

He was really doing everything in his power to prevent Christine from not just leaving Flagstaff, but also leaving him.

Kody seems to have moved to Utah with his ex-wife despite his reservations about living in the anti-polygamist state. Reddit says that he has a business registered there, which happened about 6 months ago.

According to Bizapedia, the company’s name is US Tactical LLC and it was registered in Utah on April 25, 2022. They indicated the firm has been around for six months.

Sister Wives : Is Kody Brown Using This Tactic To Keep Tabs On Christine?


What’s The Deal With The State Of Utah?

Kody Brown has been quite vocal in his condemnation of Utah, claiming that the people there detest him and his family. He has also made derogatory remarks about the locals. Nathan’s involvement, though, brings everything together.

Christine wanted to move to Utah since Aspyn and Mitch reside there. Although Christine pushed him to go there, he said no. Christine left him and moved there anyhow, and now he appears.

Is Kody Brown using this tactic to keep tabs on Christine? To what extent did personal feelings enter into the equation, if at all? Let us know, and tune in to TLC on Sundays to see Sister Wives.

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