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Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Backs Meri’s Decision Leaving Family

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Backs Meri's Decision Leaving Family

Things continue to go from bad to worse for the Sister Wives family and it doesn’t seem it’s going to get better anytime soon.  The initial decision for Christine Brown to leave Kody seemed like a good decision at the time. But now the situation has worsened and the wives can’t bear to stand the sight of him.

Robyn Brown has a different opinion about the situation but but is seen to be part of the problems of the family.

Meri Supported By Robyn Brown For Leaving Family

The upcoming episode of Sister Wives had its sneak peek released by US weekly recently. The sneak peek hinted at the ongoing problems of the family and the support Meri is getting from her Sister wife, Robyn Brown.

Robyn praised Meri for staying as long as possible with Kody even through difficult times. The relationship between Kody Brown and Meri had gone really bad and things were already at an end. It was even rumoured that its been close to a decade since there’s been any sort of intimacy between both of them. But Meri stayed still through these times.

Robyn emphasized on the fact that Meri respected her union with Kody and was not self centered despite the difficulties of the relationship. The selfless nature of Meri has not gone unnoticed as she time and again puts the family first ahead of herself.

The departure of Christine Brown from the family has brought Robyn and Meri closer than before. Christine expressly made it clear she would have nothing to do with both sister wives.

When asked about her stance towards another wife leaving the family, Robyn said she would not blame Meri if she packs her bags and leaves the family.

Even with Kody’s intentions to push Meri farther away, Meri is still standing with her decision to stay with the family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Backs Meri's Decision Leaving Family

Resentment In The Plural Family

There have been episodes of resentment within the family as echoed by Robyn and Meri. Although Meri attributed this emotion as something normal as a human she cautioned that working through it is important.

Robyn, when she was asked, said Kody would not be okay to share wives with another man if roles were reversed. Although Kody countered that he would be perfectly fine with the arrangement. What is your opinion about Meri still staying with the family? Should she leave? Drop your comments below.

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