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Little People Big World Spoilers: Jeremy Roloff DISRESPECTS Amy, Matt Does Nothing

Amy Roloff

Little People Big World spoilers tease that there is a lot of trouble brewing amongst the Roloff family, but as in cases with most people, the problems are deeply rooted.

In a video going back some ten years, Matt, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Amy are in the office when Jeremy makes a rude comment to Amy about her job being in the kitchen. Molly scolded Jeremy, and Zach walked and looked discussed. Matt did nothing, and just went on his merry way, and Amy warned Jeremy that he should just stop right there when he kept talking.

Molly told Jeremy that he should help his mother, and Amy made it clear that she wasn’t there to pick him up after a 20-year and that should have a job and be thinking about his life. Redditor LPBW fans were really unhappy about the video resurfacing, many thought Amy should have had him move out the next day.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Matt

The problem with this whole scenario is that Matt did nothing. He just walked out and didn’t correct his son, or teach him to treat his mother with respect. From the time a boy is small, he looks up to his father, revering him like a real-life superhero. And in turn, that father should take seriously the role he has in shaping his son to be respectful, kind, and strong. Matt seriously failed.


Little People Big World Spoilers – Present Day

Matt and Amy are divorced, and there is a family feud because Matt put the family home up for sale and would not sell it to his sons, Zach and Tori will not let Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler, around their baby son Josiah, or their two other children.

The apples on the Roloff farm just continue to fall.

Thankfully, Jeremy and Amy now have a solid relationship, that incident some ten years ago was just Jeremy being a brat. Amy doesn’t agree with what Matt did to the children over the house, but he has made it very clear publicly, that there were never any plans to have anyone inherit the house and property, even though he personally groomed Zach for years.

Jeremy is now married with three children and is settling into his own new 1.5 million farm with his wife Audrey.

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