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Why Does Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seem To Act Like A Martyr?

Why Does Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seem To Act Like A Martyr?

Sister Wives fans seem constantly amazed that Meri Brown still hangs on, hoping for the attention of Kody. Of course, it puzzles people because he basically said that he wouldn’t even object if she evaporated. And, she could. After all, she has a set of her own friends and LuLaRoe colleagues and happens to own a very nice BNB. So, why is she acting like a martyr and living with so much pain and rejection? One source has an idea about that.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seems Upset That Christine Left

Spoilers for season 17 of the TLC show reveal that Meri looks angry again. And sometimes, fans think she looks anguished. Some folks think that Robyn Brown is manipulating Meri for reasons of her own. Notably, she seemed to draw closer to her when Christine departed. Anyway, fans mistrust Robyn, and they don’t really believe that she feels Kody might not save the remaining marriages.

Sister Wives fans most often see Meri Brown angry or sad on the show. But in her private posts, she seems to be happy. Actually, a lot of people don’t buy her almost manic efforts to convince herself. Meanwhile, it seems like a headscratcher that she stays on with Kody. Mind you, she had mentioned that she has a family to think of, which is at the core of polygamy.

Is Sister Wives Star Meri Brown A Martyr?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball dropped some opinions given to her by a source from the AUB. If you don’t know, the AUB is a Mormon fundamentalist group that practices polygamy. Anyway, Katie’s source knew the family and she talked about the wives. In her opinion, “As far as Meri staying with Kody, she felt that Meri has gotten [used] to being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.”

Why Does Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seem To Act Like A Martyr
TLC via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Sister Wives fans might think that she hates being in such a tragic situation. Living in a nasty and loveless environment must really hurt her so so much. As TLC fans see her constantly being humiliated, they really don’t understand Meri. However, the source came up with a theory about why Meri seems to be a Martyr.

Proving Her Strength

Sister Wives fans saw that the source claimed, “Women in their faith commonly use these struggles to prove their strength and their devoutness to their faith.”

Additionally, “women use the dysfunction in their marriage to almost martyr themselves as warriors. “

What are your thoughts about the information that the former AUB member mentioned? Sound off in the comments below.

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