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Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Still Wondering Why Christine Left Him?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Still Wondering Why Christine Left Him?

There’s a lot of emotions when people go through when there is a splitting up with their spouse and Kody Brown might be going through one of those emotions.

There is a general feeling that he is not taking Christine’s departure well and the anger of it all might be getting the better of him. An emotion that might have blinded him to real issues.

Of course, he blames Christine over the little things but he ultimately blames her for their marriage failure. But he refuses to take responsibility for the part he played in the whole saga.

Redditors Believe that Kody Brown is Selfish

Any fan of the TV series Sister Wives could mention a lot of reasons why Kody Brown broke up with Christine.

Amongst many reasons for the breakup, Kody had eyes for Robyn while she was pregnant with Truely. He kept on saying for years how he was not attracted to Christine. To top it all, he wasn’t available for Ysabel’s spine surgery treatment.

This trend of actions made Christine feel she’s had enough of Kody. A Redditor summarised the whole affair in a post. He talked about how egoistic Kody is but how Christine only has issues with how their children are being treated.

The Reddit user emphasized that Christine wasn’t asking for much but for Kody to be a good father to her children like he is with Robyn’s.

There was a general agreement on all sides on the Reddit post. People begin to wonder why Kody Brown act all surprised when people criticize him after his terrible actions with his first family.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Still Wondering Why Christine Left Him?

Another Reddit user commented on how Kody has been a lousy father to his family. He further emphasized on how life is throwing back at him what he has caused with his own hands.

Whose side are you on, Kody’s or Christine’s? What do you make of Kody’s behavior?

Season 17 of Sister Wives continues

Sister Wives continues to run on our TV screens despite the absence of Christine. There is enough drama from Kody to keep the show going with the other family members. Do stay tuned! The new episodes premiere on Sunday, Eastern Time by 10 pm.

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