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Love During Lockup Spoilers: Cast Revealed for Season Two

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Cast Revealed for Season Two

Love During Lockup spoilers reveal that the new cast has been released for the second season of the new, hit show Fans are very excited to learn more about the cast and their relationships.

What To Expect

Love During Lockup is all about prisoners who have found love with those on the outside. They are currently with them or want to start a relationship with them. The show focuses on the lengths that they will go to in order to be with their partners. One of the new couples is Justine and Michael. They met when Michael’s mother set them up. She was ready to meet a nice guy, even one who is in prison for selling drugs. Justine gets upset over the fact that she can’t call him or text him when she wants to. It has been really tough on her.

Louie and Melissa are another new couple that we will see on the show and these two were high school sweethearts. They are having a tough time with being apart and Melissa does anything she can to give him a piece of her. She sends him dirty photos and she will even flash him when she can visit him. He is in prison for armed robbery.

Who Else Will We See?

Chelsea and Mike’s relationship is a bit different since she is deaf. She uses ASL to communicate and her family is pretty worried about her. Her friends have also warned her about the fact that he has a tear-drop tattoo on his face. She thinks nothing of it and is in love with him.

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Cast Revealed for Season Two

Dauri and Emily are an engaged couple that is struggling with his time in prison. Emily has power of attorney and isn’t afraid to use it when she finds out that he has been cheating on her by writing multiple women letters while he is in prison.

We are very excited to see what happens on this season of Love During Lockup on WEtv.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love During Lockup right now. Come back here often for Love During Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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