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Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Blames Kody For Family Split?

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Blames Kody For Family Split?Sister Wives spoilers emerged via a teaser on Instagram on October 24 that showed much more drama is in store for viewers. Well, it was the last week before Christine departed for Utah and everything seemed very toxic. Robyn and Meri had their say, and for the second time, Robyn seemed angry with Kody for not trying hard enough to fix things.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown In The New Spoilers

In the long teaser, fans saw that things were toxic and awkward for Christine. However, Janelle also got a blasting. Meanwhile, Meri Brown seems very put out about Christine leaving. Mind you, Kody said that he wouldn’t mind at all if she married someone else and took off out of his life. But Robyn seemed angrier with Kody than with Christine. Additionally, she saw Janelle walk off when Kody ranted at her.

Previous Sister Wives spoilers revealed that Kody now acknowledges that his marriages just don’t work. And, he admitted that he feels terribly “bitter” about the wives. If you watched season 17, you might remember that Robyn tried to get Kody to sleep over at Christine’s place on the couch so they could talk things through. Well, he refused to do that. So, Robyn seemed disappointed that he wouldn’t try and save his marriage.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Blames Kody For The Fractured Family

In a new teaser, spoilers revealed that Christine stood outside to say goodbye to Meri, Robyn, and Janelle. Some kids were there, and so was Kody. However, he didn’t wait around and drove off in a temper. In one scene, Meri went across to talk to Robyn and she confessed that she really didn’t know what to say to Christine.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Blames Kody For Family Split
TLC / Instagram

Sister Wives star Robyn seemed angry with her husband. Whilst Kody claims Christine busted up the family, Robyn clearly thinks he also contributed to it.  She said, “he still has marriages with us.” Then she added, “he needs to fix them or he’s going to ruin every single one of them.”  While Kody ranted at Christine for not taking accountability, it seems that Robyn thinks he also needs to take some accountability and save what he has left of his family.

Has Kody Fixed Anything?

Sister Wives fans know the show was filmed some time ago. So, it’s not clear if Janelle left Kody as well. Additionally, Meri gives few clues as to where she’s at these days. But, fans noticed that at Logan’s wedding, Meri sat close to Janelle and Christine. Meanwhile, Robyn and Kody sat across the aisle. Perhaps the only marriage that he fixed was the one with Robyn.

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