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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Fans Confused With Latest Statement

Sisterwives-Kody Brown-11Kody Brown often mansplains himself to the point where there is no turning back. And he doesn’t always know what he’s talking about.

This was the scenario when he was talking about custody with his third wife, Christine, with whom he had broken up. Truely, their youngest child was the topic of discussion. Kody and Christine don’t know how custody will be handled since they were never married.

Then he talked about the “manosphere,” which made everyone scratch their heads. What did he mean, and does that make sense?

Kody Brown And His Manosphere

So, Christine and Kody are talking about who will get custody of Truely. He asserts in his confessional that divorce is “screwed” in the “manosphere.”

He just used this made-up set of rules to try to influence Christine in his favor. Kody also said that the state could take Truely away from them if they don’t do things right. The man has lost his mind.

When you look up this word, you’ll find many meanings that are similar. According to Wikipedia, the manosphere may foster sexism and hostility against feminism.

Soon after Kody had this conversation, a Reddit thread was started to talk about it, and people were shocked.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets Fans Confused With Latest Statement

Where He Stands

Kody Brown seems to have spent little on child support. Fans have observed that Christine is the one who has been actively trying to get Truely to Flagstaff.

Since Truely first entered middle school, Kody has barely commented on or acknowledged any of her successes. But he has said more than once that he would set up a room with Christine for his youngest daughter. We hope that he is actually doing something about that.

When it comes to custody, do you believe Kody Brown should seek advice from the manosphere or a real lawyer? Have you ever heard of this term before today? Let us know, and tune in to TLC on Sundays to see Sister Wives.

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