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The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Gives An Update On Her Health

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Gives An Update On Her Health

On Wednesday, The TLC star Jen Arnold updated fans on her latest cancer scare. Is everything okay with the Arnold-Klein family? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

The Last Month Has Been Difficult For The Little Couple

Jen and her family have been going through a rough time. A very important member of the family of four passed away earlier this month.

The family chihuahua, Rocky, died in the intensive care unit. Since Rocky had been a member of the family for so long, his passing was very difficult for everyone. Jen said that he must have lived at least fifteen years.

Jen informed followers two days ago that another family member is ill. Just a few weeks after Rocky died, their second pet, Maggie, ended up in the hospital. Jen didn’t say much about what was wrong at the time. She did mention that “the “vet is concerned.”

Jen Arnold Talks About A Cancer Scare

On Wednesday, Jen updated her Instagram followers on Maggie’s condition. The dog is home from the vet and doing well. The dog had a cancer scare while in the hospital.

Jen Arnold wrote: “Thankfully no signs of cancer. Many have asked what happened- Maggie was bleeding spontaneously from her nose Monday night so we took her to the ER.”

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Gives An Update On Her Health

“She was admitted as they couldn’t stop the bleeding. They thought cancer was likely cause. So we had the CT done and no visible tumors (not likely any cancer) but rather some sort of sinus infection/disease.”

The Little Couple viewers are glad that Jen Arnold’s dog, Maggie, is getting well. Many of her fans were worried and sent prayers to the family.

Hopefully, Maggie will stay with the Arnold-Klein family for a long time. Jen’s Instagram Stories showed the puppy relaxing at home.

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