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Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown’s Departure Worked In Meri’s Favor?

Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown's Departure Worked In Meri's Favor?

Catching up with Sister Wives, Christine Brown is packing up and getting ready to leave Flagstaff. She points out that she wants to be back in Utah by September. It seems like Kody is not in complete agreement with this move.

Kody even said he plans to set up a room for Truely at Robyn’s home. In addition, Robyn believes that Christine will change her mind when she sees how much her family loves her.

So, with Christine out of the picture, is he bringing his first wife, Meri, back in? Keep reading to get all the details.

Is Christine’s Departure Beneficial For Meri & Kody’s Relationship?

Recently, fans have noticed that Meri hasn’t been kept on the sides this season. However, Christine may not directly be the cause. Christine and Janelle are trying to change their lives, so Meri is there to support them.

At Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party, Meri was in a celebratory mood. This party felt like the family used to be back then in Utah, before Robyn.

At one point, Kody and Janelle arrived at her inn (B&B) in Parowan, Utah, on their way back to Flagstaff. She was also there when Janelle launched the RV on Coyote Pass. Meri wanted to see how the RV looked now that it was functional.

That said, Kody has revealed that he and Meri have a much better relationship than before. Compared to how he felt in previous seasons, this one seems different. He admits that this is not what a marriage should look like.

Sister Wives: Did Christine Brown's Departure Worked In Meri's Favor?

However, he admits that it seems to be much more amicable. Kody even revealed that he would love to be a Part of the B&B. It looks like Kody has lost so much, and he’s looking for something to hold on to.

Can Meri & Kody’s Relationship Be Fixed?

Honestly, both parties have trust issues, and the absence of Christine from the marriage won’t fix it. That said, Meri is still loyal to Kody. In addition, she travels a lot because of her affiliated company, LuLaRoe, and she’s always back and forth with her business.

Overall, she doesn’t have time for drama. From the way it looks, she’s just there for filming. Fans admit that Meri was and has been a better wife than Robyn. However, her love for Kody was tested, and she failed with flying colors.

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