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Joseph Duggar Sells Josh’s Land To Pay Legal Fees

Joseph Duggar Sells Josh's Land To Pay Legal Fees

It seems like all may not be well in Duggar’s camp. Famous Counting On star Joseph Duggar allegedly sold land belonging to his brother Josh. Could it be that Josh’s legal fees are taking a toll on the family? Keep reading to know what’s happening with the Duggars.

In case you didn’t know, Josh is currently in prison, serving a 12-and-a-half-year sentence based on child pornography charges. He was arrested last year and was found guilty at the end of his trial in December. At the moment, he’s currently in Seagoville, Texas serving his time.

From how it looks, his brother, Joseph Duggar, is trying to help him raise some funds to cover the legal fees. At the moment, it’s currently unclear how much Josh and his family spent on attorneys and other legal costs. It’s safe to say that the Duggar has spent a lot of money.

Lately, Josh’s defence filed an appeal. This appeal has just incurred more debt than what they were already owed. Many fans and other critics believe that Josh’s crimes have financially wrecked his parents.

Joseph’s Sells is Brother’s Property

The news from Without A Crystal Ball is that Joseph has sold Josh’s land. In this post, Katie points out that Joseph, a realtor, Listed and sold Josh and Anna’s home in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

This $455,000 home was bought by Glasgow Drive, one of Josh and Anna’s companies. Now, Katie believes that Jason Duggar built his house. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Joseph Duggar Sells Josh's Land To Pay Legal Fees

Once this property is sold, the Duggar family will split up the money somehow. It may depend on the person who’s responsible for the legal fees. “But it proves that the Duggar sins continue to help Josh Duggar’s defence and quest for getting a new trial,” Katie Joy wrote.

It’s like Joseph Duggar, and the rest of the family is trying to help Josh get a new trial as soon as possible. What do you think of Joseph Duggar selling some of his brother’s property? Could it be for Josh’s legal fees? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. […] Not that Anna found it difficult to make the right decision for her and her children, she just chose to stick by Josh because to her, the world is wrong about her husband and that can be proved in the letter she wrote ahead of Josh’s sentencing hearing. […]

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