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LPBW: Will Jacob And Isabel Roloff Inherit Roloff Farms From Matt?

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Little People, Big World fans have been asking many questions about the future of Roloff farms. They’re beginning to speculate that Jacob and Isabel Roloff might be the ones who inherit Matt’s legacy.

A recent social media post confirmed their suspicions. Keep reading to get all the juicy details. As we reported earlier, the Pumpkin season just started. The Roloffs have shared many photos since it reopened this fall. From the looks of it, their efforts paid off.

Surprisingly, on opening day, only one of Matt’s children was pictured in front of the Roloff sign. From left to right, we can see Caryn Chandler, Matt, Isabel, Jacob, Mateo, Chris Marek, and Amy Roloff. Before then, all of Matt’s children were pictured in front of the Iconic sign.

Now, it’s possible that the rest of the family was present but not in the picture. If that were the case, why they wouldn’t be in this photo is still unclear.

This photo raised a lot of questions in the LPBW community. Many fans felt Matt might be on talking terms with only one of his children though it’s all speculation. And now LPBW fans are predicting who might end up inheriting the farm.

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Will It Be Jacob & Isabel?

This weekend, on the Roloff Farms Instagram Stories, Jacob and Isabel were pictured riding on a golf cart. According to the caption, they were “on the job.”

Indeed, the couple has been helpful since the Pumpkin Season started. Matt and Jacob have constantly been working on various projects on the farm.

This discussion about who would inherit the farm was also discussed on Reddit. Isabel and Jacob might inherit the farm. They were the only kids who showed up since Pumpkin Season 2022 started.

Many LPBW fans think Jacob should get the farm, but others believe this may never happen. Some still doubt that Matt would want any of his kids to have the farm. At the moment, Matt has officially confirmed who will inherit Roloff farms. But what do you guys think?

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