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Duggar Family News: Anna Duggar Stressed out By Social Media

Duggar Family News: Anna Duggar Stressed out By Social Media

Duggar Family News reveals that Anna Duggar could be very stressed out right now over social media. Her husband, Josh Duggar was arrested for possession of child pornography and things haven’t been very easy on her since it all happened.

Why is Anna Stressed Out?

It is hard being the wife of a man who has been arrested, especially for the horrible charges against him. The couple has seven kids together and her fans are worried that she could be struggling very badly.

A source that is very close to Anna shared with fans, “Anna wants nothing more than to check out and forget everything about this nightmare that Josh has brought upon her and her children. She just wants to move on. That’s one of the reasons she’s not on social media anymore. It stressed her out.”

As of right now, Anna’s Instagram account has been taken down and fans noticed this on October 1. Anna is dealing with a huge emotional strain on her life and her mental health. The source also pointed out that Josh’s lawyers are still working on an appeal and that Anna wants nothing to do with it.

Duggar Family News: Anna Duggar Stressed out By Social Media

Is Anna Going to Stand By Him?

Anna has been standing by Josh for many years. He has been involved in other scandals that rocked her world, but she stayed with him no matter what. There are fans that think Anna has been brainwashed by the Duggar family and that is why she is still with him. He admitted to cheating on her and to sexually assaulting young girls when he was a teen.

It does seem as if Anna is living in a nightmare and she has accepted the fact that Josh is serving time and she has been left alone. Fans of the Duggars aren’t exactly sure why she is still hanging on to Josh, but we do hope that she can come to her senses before it’s too late.

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