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Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo Shows Off Her Perfect Body

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo Shows Off Her Perfect Body

The TLC star, Theresa Caputo, showed off her perfect body. She’s normally modest when it comes to style. She’s been pushing herself this year. The Long Island Medium star has been flaunting her perfect body in dresses, shorts, and miniskirts.

She’s also been trying out various hairstyles. Some are hits, some aren’t. A number of viewers have requested that Theresa have a makeover. For her granddaughter’s sake, they wish she’d cut her hair and nails.

The TLC Star Shows Off Her Perfect Body In A New Photo

Theresa Caputo posted a picture on Instagram on September 20 from her last trip. She’s been busy. The airport in Minneapolis-St. Paul was her most recent stop. Theresa stood beside the flying Snoopy monument.

She wore a black hooded zip jacket, a T-shirt, and shorts. Theresa Caputo looked fit. After divorcing Larry Caputo, she became a bodybuilder. She held her hip confidently.

Theresa also wore Chanel sneakers. She wore a beehive and gold jewelry. The reality star informed her followers she was headed to North Dakota. She’ll resume her countrywide tour in the autumn, so catch her if you can!

“Bismarck here I Come! Fall tour starts tomorrow!” Theresa Caputo captioned her Instagram photo. She received several compliments this time. Fans loved her new style and photos. Her cuteness was obvious.

One commented “Love” while another added “So cute.” Some followers added hearts, while others desired to see her in person.

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo Shows Off Her Perfect Body

Online Trolls Launched Attacks On Theresa Caputo

Her last Instagram post was different. Theresa Caputo surprised her followers two weeks ago when she posted a photo of herself and her friend.

She was boldly dressed in a black T-shirt dress and black and white leopard print knee-high boots. She wore silver jewelry.

Theresa informed her followers that she was going to see Blondie at the Paramount in New York. She said they were “beyond excited.” Trolls hated her new appearance and attacked her.

“I’m sorry, but that outfit looks ridiculous. Like grow up already,” one troll wrote. “She clearly doesn’t have good taste. Never has,” a second user noted.

What do you think of Theresa Caputo’s latest Instagram post? Does she need a makeover? Comment below.

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