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Lisa Rinna Gets Support Amid Twitter Backlash, Fans Want DOOL Alum To Get Her Own Show!

Lisa Rinna Gets Support Amid Twitter Backlash, Fans Want DOOL Alum To Get Her Own Show!Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) alum Lisa Rinna recently faced off with several of her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) co-stars. For instance, Kathy Hilton called Lisa the biggest bully in Hollywood for claiming that the socialite had experienced a psychotic meltdown. As a result, Twitter seemed to overwhelmingly turn against Rinna.

But now the Days Of Our Lives alum has fought back. And in addition to responding to that bully label, Lisa received support from fans. Find out all the details below.

Lisa Rinna Mocks ‘Biggest Bully’ Label With Instagram Meme!

Warning to those who try to label Lisa Rinna any names: The DOOL alum will fight back! And Lisa just demonstrated her comeback talents on her Instagram. Creating an M&M candy meme to represent herself, Rinna repeated socialite Kathy Hilton’s bullying slams.

And in her caption, Lisa asserted that label with a mix of sarcasm and challenge. “The biggest bully in Hollywood, And everyone knows it,” wrote Rinna.

However, everyone who responded didn’t agree with Lisa. And some sided with Kathy. Because Rinna repeatedly stole the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) spotlight with claiming Hilton experienced a meltdown, many fans felt that the Days Of Our Lives alum created her own narrative. And those siding with the socialite alleged that Lisa used her DOOL acting talents to try to stay on RHOBH.

Days Of Our Lives Alum Lisa Rinna Needs Her Own Show?!

However, some of those responding to Lisa’s response cheered for the Days Of Our Lives alum. For instance, one fan reacted to the M&M meme by noting that it summed up Rinna’s personality. “Sticky and sweet 🍭 ,” wrote the cheerleader. Another proclaimed the DOOL alum an “icon.”

And several celebrities stepped up to show support for the DOOL alum. For example, Carmen Electra gushed, “Love this! ❣️” And Sharon Stone agreed, writing, “You are yummy 😍.”  

But others raised the question of whether Lisa should stay on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for another season. For instance, several challenged Rinna by insisting that she created the allegations that Kathy Hilton called everyone on the cast horrible names. And others questioned why Lisa seems so angry.

“Offf she’s angry everyone,” warned one Instagram critic. “I thought no more housewives on your page 😂?” asked Lisa’s follower. And on Twitter, the debate over whether to support Rinna or Hilton continued, with fans tweeting their support for the DOOL alum or the socialite. 

However, others fully supported Rinna’s performance. And some went even further to show that support. For instance, one fan asserted that Lisa provided all the life for RHOBH this season. And another urged Bravo to give Rinna her own show!

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Lisa Rinna deserves her own spin-off show? And what do you think about Kathy Hilton calling the DOOL alum Hollywood’s biggest bully? After you share your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives news.

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