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Sister Wives Fans Seethe As Kody Uses A Word That Might Describe A Dog

Sister Wives Fans Seethe As Kody Uses A Word That Might Describe A Dog

Sister Wives season 17 does Kody Brown no favors at all. TLC fans have seen that he seems really toxic toward all his wives except for Robyn. And in particular, he acts badly with Christine who kicked him to the curb. In a teaser for the show, he described Christine by using a word that would more commonly be ascribed to a dog. So, seething fans roasted him on Instagram.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Complains About His Wives

Recall that back in Season 15, the family discussed the possibility of moving to Utah, Well, at the time. Christine was the only one who seemed interested in the idea. So, they dropped the idea. Well, it makes sense to TLC fans that when she left Kody. Christine moved to Utah. And Kody hated that she started acting independently. Of course, he held up Robyn as the perfect polygamist wife.

Sister Wives fans see that Meri sticks around after all this time of being told that she won’t be getting any intimacy. Actually, she can barely believe that they still talk about that. In fact, some fans think that secretly, she just hangs about to annoy him. So, for years now, they know Kody complained about her. But in the new teaser, he also complained about Janelle who acted against his wishes at some stage.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Feels The Wives Work Against Him

Kody Brown has a long list of complaints about the wives. Well, all except for Robyn who he claims is the only one determined to work at being a family. Actually, it seems that the penny finally dropped that his wives won’t always just bow and scrape and rush around obediently. Finally, he seems to realize that they are capable of working against him, or with him if it suits their natures.

Sister Wives Fans Seethe As Kody Uses A Word That Might Describe A Dog
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Sister Wives fans grew irritated about his rambling monologue. One of them said, “The more he talks the more he exposes himself.” Another fan commented, “each wife has their breaking point where they’re not gonna put up with your CRAP anymore! Christine was right to walk away.” But when he said a particular word, fans seethed about it.

Christine Was Not ‘Compliant’

Sister Wives fans could not get over it when Kody Brown complained that when his third wife became independent, she stopped being “compliant” with him. Furious fans reacted. Here are some of those replies:

“Compliant” “her children” etc things he says🤢😖 women are not dogs!!!!!!!

as soon as I heard him say that word I was like. Oh hell no!

Compliant? He honestly believes he’s God.

Christine used to be compliant??? Who talks about [their] spouse like that 🤦‍♀️🤡?

“Christine used to be compliant“ Did he just say that?? Is Christine an employee of yours?? Listen very closely to the words he uses.

Compliant!?????? Dude like seriously.”

What are your thoughts about the way Kody Brown described Christine’s behavior? Shout out in the comments below.

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