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Sister Wives: Did Christine Have A Secret Lover?

Sister Wives: Did Christine Have A Secret Lover?

Before Christine Left Flagstaff, her ex-husband Kody Brown was concerned that she would run off to Utah, find a new man and steal his money. In the last episode of Sister Wives, Kody believed that Christine was already in a new relationship with someone.

Kody suspected that she had a man waiting for her in Utah. To him, this was one of the reasons why she was trying to pick up and move to Utah. Is this true? And would fans blame her if she had a secret side piece? Keep reading to get all the details.

Kody Brown’s Conviction

In the last episode, Kody Brown Suggested that Christine find someone else to be with and bring them to Flagstaff. This was Kody’s strategy for keeping the family together. Unfortunately, Neither Christine nor fans of Sister Wives understood why he said that.

It’s because Kody does not have too many underage children. Most of his underage children are from Robyn Brown. In addition, Christine had already admitted that she wasn’t close to Meri or Robyn. Aside from Truely, all of Christine’s children are adults.

Sister Wives: Did Christine Have A Secret Lover?

Is Christine In A New Relationship?

It turns out Kody’s theory couldn’t be further from the truth. Christine recently admitted during an interview that she loved the idea of dating. However, her daughter Truely isn’t ready for that move.

Truely finds it hard to imagine that her mum would be in another relationship other than Kody. Truly is quite happy with the life they are living right now, with her mother being single and happy.

During the interview, Christine said she would allow fate to take the wheel. She believes that, in time, she will find someone to be happy with. Christine revealed that she would no longer be involved in a polygamous relationship.

Many fans agree that Christine Brown is living her best life as a single mom. Furthermore, Sister Wives fans would also love to see Christine thrive in a new relationship.

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