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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Stephanie And Chad Heat Up!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Stephanie And Chad Heat Up!

Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates tease that after drinking a wee bit too much, Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) will heat up! But that’s not going to make Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) real happy, he’s convinced she’s his soulmate-as for her, not so much.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Bonded Through Grief

Even though Stephanie was aware of Chad and he of her, since she’s Abigail DiMera’s (Marci Miller) cousin, they never really knew each other. Stephanie has lived far from Salem in the Seattle, Washington area since Chad has been in Salem, and so they’re new to each other. They have been getting acquainted through having Titan Industries and Sonny Kiriakis (Zach Tinker) in common, other than as in laws through Abigail.

They have begun bonding through grief, although Stephanie’s mother isn’t dead yet – Kayla Johnson, (Mary Beth Evans) however is in very serious condition. Chad’s grief for Abigail is still pretty fresh, although he has had some recent partial closure.

DOOL Spoilers: Rebound Already?

Some might think it’s a little too soon for Chad to rebound, considering Abigail’s murder has just recently been solved; but it starts out as coworkers and friends. But sometimes things go rather quickly when one is lonely, and sometimes it can just be fate’s blessing for someone to come into one’s life quickly.

Chad has two small children and his parents are deceased, although he has DiMera brothers and a sister in town; their grandmother Jennifer Deveraux (Cady McClain) left for New York. Stephanie might be a ready help with those little ones, although certainly never to be thought of as a replacement for their mother. Chad can be a supportive shoulder for Stephanie as they work to cure Kayla, that’s a certainty, and the stress of the situation is one reason they go out for drinks.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Stephanie And Chad Heat Up!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: A Wee Bit Too Much

It’s said that alcohol takes away inhibitions and reveals what’s really inside people – sometimes that can be scary, other times sweet, other times sexy. In Chad and Stephanie’s case it sounds like when they’ve had a wee bit too much the third option might come into play. Previews show the two kissing rather passionately while still in the restaurant, and a jealous Alex happens to see them.

Alex, Stephanie and Chad will have a face-off later in the week, but for now the couple who’s not quite a couple yet is just having fun. Things will get serious for her mother towards the end of the week as well, so it’s good that Chad will be there for her.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of Our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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