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Counting On Fans Confused By Amy King’s Mom Deanna In Cryptic Posts

Counting On Fans Confused By Amy King’s Mom Deanna In Cryptic Posts

Counting On fans know that Deanna Duggar seems to agree with her daughter Amy King on a lot of things. One of those is the fact that her nephew, Josh went to prison. However, two posts this week puzzled fans because they seemed rather cryptic. One of them came on Deanna’s Instagram stories.

Counting On Fans See Amy King Standing Against The Duggers

The niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was seen on TLC on occasion. But after the conviction of her cousin, Josh, she started calling out toxic people. Presumably, she means the family that featured in 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. However, her recent posts on Instagram focused on her husband and son. Of course, she also markets her clothing catalog in her Stories.

Counting On fans also saw that while Amy was quite vocal about justice and Josh, she reacted to critics when they hit at her about carrots in the refrigerator. So, that wasn’t earth-shattering. Over on Twitter, her recent posts were about Hurricane Ian and women who cheat on their wives. None of those posts seem to indicate any special mission that she is embracing.

Counting On Fans See Deanna Duggar’s Cryptic Posts

On October 5, Deanna posted to her Stories and on her profile page. The Story said, “PRAY FOR US!!!,” and went on about how “GOD ALMIGHTY TOLD ME IN 202 “IM CLEANING HOUSE.” The only clue that she might refer to Jim Bob and Amy came when she talked about “evil” being pushed “under a rug.” Recall, she previously mentioned that Jim shoved the molestation under the carpet.

Counting On Fans Confused By Amy King Mom Deanna In Cryptic Posts
Deanna Duggar / Instagram

On the same day, Counting On fans saw that on her profile page, Deanna Duggar posted a photo with her daughter. In her caption, she said, “I’m proud of Amy taking a stand against the crazy, horrendous things that have happened!!! My prayer is our light will shine to expose the truth for the whole world to see!!!🙏❤️🌏”

Fans Are Confused

Counting On fans took to the comments section of the taking a stand post. One of them asked, “What happened?” And, another person wondered what they’d missed. Another follower wrote, “im confused. could you elaberate a little more, (sic)”  Actually, it seems that nothing immediate happened except that Amy had spoken out in the past about justice and toxicity.

Of course, if you were not familiar with the goings on about Josh, you might assume that Deanna asked folks to pray for the USA, (instead of “US”). Actually, on social media, many religious folks believe the apocalypse is fast approaching. Meanwhile, a lot of Q followers think that God is busy cleaning up evil and corruption in the government. They think that White Hats work behind the scenes, which seems to be a leap of faith.

More than likely, it’s just that Deanna is proud that Amy spoke out against Jim Bob’s handling of Josh. Do you agree? Shout out in the comments below.

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