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1000-Lb. Sister: Amy Halterman Shows Off Her New Hobby

1000-Lb. Sister: Amy Halterman Shows Off Her New Hobby

Amy Halterman has two young children, yet she still enjoys arts and crafts. The TLC mom shared some fun projects online. Is she doing this while waiting for 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4?

Check out the cool project and see what other Amy’s fans have said about her work online.

Amy Halterman Loves Her New Hobby

Can Amy Halterman add “artist” to her resume? The mom of two recently told her fans that she’s actively working on a new masterpiece these days. She has recently begun using resin in her artwork.

She’s got some interesting designs under her belt already. Fans are eager to see whether Amy will share any more pictures to showcase her work, so they can see what she has been up to recently.

“Resin art,” the 1000-Lb. Sisters star captioned her Instagram post. “Lovely 😍” one fan wrote in the comments section. Many others expressed similar views and which items they loved most. A lot of fans seemed to like the skull a lot.

The TLC star may start an Etsy business in the future. There are a lot of people who like her and would love to buy some of her art. Sister Wives and other TLC stars have side businesses. What’s stopping Amy Halterman?

Which of Amy’s resin art projects is your favorite? Leave comments below. Share your thoughts.

1000-Lb. Sister: Amy Halterman Shows Off Her New Hobby

The 1000-Lb. Sisters Star Loves Her Boys

Some of Amy Halterman’s fans on the internet are worried that she isn’t making the progress she needs to on her weight loss journey. They’re glad she discovered a new hobby.

TLC hasn’t decided on 1000-Lb. Sisters yet. Amy, Tammy, and the family may be thinking about life beyond the show.

Amy Halterman still has two sons to care for. Gage is 2 and Glenn is 3 months old. Time flies!

The TLC star uploaded photos of her sons online. The Halterman boys are growing up quickly before fans’ eyes. Fans would want to see the family return on TV after seeing them online.

When will TLC make a decision on 1000-Lb. Sisters? Now fans must wait and see what happens.

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