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Sister Wives: The True Story About Coyote Pass

Coyote PassOn Sister Wives, TLC recently revealed that Coyote Pass was divided into four lots. However, it seems like Kody and his family just changed it. The property lines have broken up into five lots, with one for each wife and one lot for Kody. 

TLC usually shows a breakdown of Coyote Pass showing the lots. According to Starcasm, the picture shown by TLC regarding the analysis of Coyote Pass is not entirely accurate. This breakdown is much more complicated.

Why? Because Christine is no longer in Flagstaff. Hence, she’s no longer involved in the Coyote Pass property. Many fans know that a time gap exists between reality and what is happening on the show. 

Currently, Christine Brown no longer has her name on the deed for any lot of Coyote Pass. Even before this, TLC’s breakdown regarding property ownership is far from the truth. So, what does it look like? Keep reading to get more details.

Was TLC Lying All Along?

Judging from reports, remember that technically, Kody Brown has his name on every title deed for all portions of Coyote Pass. Robyn owns 52.3% of the land, Janelle owns 32%, and Meri owns 15.5%. 

That said, 7.58 acres of the property are under Robyn and Kody’s name. 4.48 acres are in Kody, Janelle, and Meri’s names, while 2.42 acres are in Janelle’s and Kody’s names. So, the actual representation of Coyote Pass is far from what TLC presents in episodes of Sister Wives.

In addition, recent episodes have suggested that the lot owned by each wife is equally split. Of a trust, Robyn holds much more than Meri or Janelle. Meri also owns the tiniest fraction of the property, which she shares with Janelle and Kody.

Sister Wives: The True Story About Coyote Pass

False Rumors On Reddit

SomeSister Wives fans on Reddit claimed that Robyn and Kody Brown owned all of the lots of Coyote Pass. While it is true that Kody’s name is on 100 percent of the Coyote Paa, Robin’s name has only been found on 57 percent of the property. This is much more significant than that of Meri or Janelle.

This rumor fully supports the idea that Robyn is Kody’s favourite wife. What may come as a surprise to many fans is Meri Brown’s tiny sliver of the property. So what do you guys think? Does the truth surprise you? Let us know in the comment section below.


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