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Sister Wives: Who’s Going To Get Custody For Truely Brown?

Sister Wives: Who's Going To Get Custody For Truely Brown?

The Sister Wives’ latest episode came with its own problems. Christine finally told the other wives that she was leaving. This was a shock to them, and there seemed to be a sense of loss.

Christine also revealed that she would be moving to Utah and leaving Flagstaff behind. Now, the question in the minds of many fans is this. What would happen to Christine’s daughter Truely?

Christine’s daughter, Ysabel, is currently in high school (senior year). Hopefully, she will be moving to North Carolina after graduation. Kody was quite adamant about the whole situation. Want to know what’s happening with the custody situation? Keep reading to find out.

The Custody Battle Begins

When Christine spoke to Kody about leaving the marriage, she told him that she would be moving to Utah. Their minor daughter, Truely, will be moving with her. Kody was very disturbed about this and wondered if she could do this legally.

In response, Christine made him understand that there would be more happy as she had a family who would love and appreciate them. Her older daughters, Aspyn and Mykelti, were already in Utah, so this move had a ‘family’ vibe.

As the episode continued, Kody opted for 50/50 custody, but from reports, Christine didn’t agree. Well, it’s not like Christine does not want to share her daughter with Kody. However, she’s surprised about Kody’s current behaviour.

Sister Wives: Who's Going To Get Custody For Truely Brown?

“I find it ironic that now he wants to be involved in my kid’s lives now that I’m leaving. Now he wants 50/50 time with them. Christine believed that Kdy could have had 50/50 time with them while they were still together.

Despite what Kody wants, Christine focuses on making a comfortable life for her and her children. She revealed that before the pandemic, Kody was not very active in their lives.

How Are Things Now?

It’s still unclear whether Kody has made any effort to see Truely. Currently, the patriarch is enjoying his wife with his fourth wife, Robyn. Do you think Kody wants to raise Truely together, or is it solely his ego at play? Let us know in the comment section below.

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