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My 600-Lb. Life: Lacey Buckingham Flaunts Her New Boyfriend Online

My 600-Lb. Life: Lacey Buckingham Flaunts Her New Boyfriend Online

A lot of people remember the guest on Season 10 of My 600-Lb. Life and how crazy her life was.Did she ever manage to go any farther with her weight loss? Have she and Ricky reconciled their differences? Has she moved on?

Lacey seems happier these days. Things are far from ideal, but they are definitely heading in a more promising direction. Read on for the inside package.

Lacey Buckingham Flaunts Her New Boyfriend Online

Since she left My 600-Lb. Life, Lacey Buckingham has shared a lot about her private life with the public.

Her episode was really memorable, and viewers are always interested in hearing how past TLC patients are doing.Despite health difficulties, Lacey’s love life appears to be thriving.

The TLC star has updated her Instagram with a series of photos featuring her new beau. One of the off-center pictures showed her lover giggling.

Fans got to see him standing up, and he seemed very tall. He’s tall enough to reach the highest kitchen cabinets based on one picture.

Fans know a few things about Lacey’s new boyfriend. The new guy’s name is Dennis. On Sept. 1, Lacey announced their relationship on her Facebook page.

“Dennis is my partner,” the Season 10 guest wrote. “We met in May. Thanks for all the nice comments. #lovestory”

My 600-Lb. Life: Lacey Buckingham Flaunts Her New Boyfriend Online

Fans know nothing else about Lacey. But it looks like the couple enjoys spending time together, and Lacey is in a much better mood. Seeing her and Ricky split up on TV was really painful. Fans are glad she’s found someone new.

The TLC Star Has Shedded 100 Pounds

My 600-Lb. Life season 10 guest Lacey Buckingham battled to lose weight. However, her unstable personal life made weight loss impossible. Since she and Ricky broke up, Lacey has had more time to work on her weight loss goals.

According to her Facebook profile, she’s lost almost 100 pounds. Fans hope she’s honest.

Fans would love to see Lacey Buckingham make so much progress, but they saw her get caught up in lies on screen. No one knows whether her weight-loss promises are true.

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