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7 Little Johnston: Trent Gives His Two Girls A Special Shout-out

7 Little Johnston: Trent Gives His Two Girls A Special Shout-out

TLC star Trent Johnston has put the spotlight on the precious women in his life. He posted about his love on social media for a very important reason.

Read on to see the new photo he posted and find out why he’s paying tribute to Elizabeth, Emma Johnston, and Anna.

In case you didn’t know, National Daughters Day was on September 25. Social media was flooded with people paying tribute to their girls. Trent’s co-star in The Little Couple, Jen Arnold, also participated.

Trent didn’t want to miss the big event, so he went online to make sure his girls got the credit they deserved. Naturally, Dad had to brag about his girls on social media.

Trent Johnston Gives His Two Girls A Special Shout-out

On Monday morning, Trent updated his Instagram with a new post. The TLC star wrote, “Celebrating our girls today! Love you bunches.”

He used a picture of Emma and Alex from last weekend, when they went to homecoming. Emma, as we said, looked amazing in a black sequined dress.

Trent’s latest photo shows Anna and Elizabeth raising Emma. The girls are all happy and smiling or laughing.

Trent got to the National Daughters Day party a little bit late, so he posted it the day after the holiday. Amidst all of this, he made sure to show his affection for his girls.

7 Little Johnston: Trent Gives His Two Girls A Special Shout-out

In a comment, Elizabeth wrote, “Love you Dad!!! ❤️” Then, Emma chimed in and said, “no… I love him more 😘😘😘🤣”

So far, Anna has not said anything about Trent’s post.

At this point, Amber Johnston hasn’t done anything special on her own Instagram page to honour her daughters. However, it’s possible that she’ll make a comment later.

Lots Of Love From 7 Little Johnstons Fans

In reaction to the post, fans have flooded the comment section with love. Trent’s adorable post has won the hearts of many.

One 7 Little Johnstons fan says, “This is so cute … Love you so much girls❤️” Trent is “truly blessed,” says another fan.

What do you think of Trent Johnston’s tribute to his daughters? Leave a comment.

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