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Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal The Reactions Of The Wives As Christine Leaves

Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal The Reactions Of The Wives As Christine Leaves

It doesn’t matter to Sister Wives fans that season 17 on TLC covers old ground. Actually, they can’t get enough of seeing Christine Brown tell Kody she’s out of there. At one stage, Christine hinted that the only wife who really knew that she was leaving was Janelle. Well, a new teaser that dropped on Instagram revealed the reactions of the other three wives. And, they tell a story.

Sister Wives Spoilers Emerge Of Christine Brown Telling The Wives

It’s old news that Christine left the family and relocated to Utah. However, season 16 just showed the lead-up to that. Now in season 17, they followed the conversations as Christine tried to talk it out with Kody. He wasn’t interested in trying to salvage anything, and Paedon bashed him on social media. Fans cheered and they also slammed Robyn. If you don’t know, people think she always wanted to be the only wife.

Sister Wives fans don’t believe that Robyn is as concerned s she makes out. So far, they saw her shed a lot of tears about the breakup between Kody and his third wife. In fact, many TLC fans believe that Kody really only loves Robyn, and the rest of the wives make for handy income and useful nannies. If you wonder how Robyn reacted to the news that Christine was leaving, well, not unexpectedly, she cried.

Sister Wives – Faces Reveal A Story

Christine already said that she doesn’t get on with Robyn and Meri. And yet, they were the ones who showed the most emotion about her leaving. Spoilers for the TLC show also revealed that Robyn reached out to get Meri’s support to keep the family together. Well, Meri declared that if she left, Christine would no longer be considered family.

After Christine said that she had made up her mind, Robyn said that she just thought they were going through a rough patch. Whereupon, she worked up some fake tears. Meanwhile, Meri looked like she was about to take a deep breath and either cheer or scream. As she so desperately wants Kody’s approval and affection, maybe she looked shocked deliberately.

Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal The Reactions Of The Wives As Christine Leaves
TLC / Instagram

Interestingly, Sister Wives star Janelle looked a bit sad. But, it also seemed as if she looked bored. Possibly, she expected another raging Kody tantrum.

TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section to discuss the scene. One of them said, “Robyn crying happy tears..”

Another fan wrote, about Robyn, saying, “I didn’t know how serious it was. I mean I knew you packed his stuff up. Well, how big of a clue do you need?”

Speaking about Meri, another fan said, “It’s Meri’s reaction I’m perplexed by. Is it disgust? Or relief?

Another one opined, “Janelle should leave too. Soon we will see Kody wanting a new wife.”

What do you think of the reactions of the other wives? Shout out in the comments below.

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