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Little People Big World: Fan Thinks Amy Should Start An “Only Fans” Account

 Little People Big World: Fan Thinks Amy Should Start An “Only Fans” Account

Even though Amy Roloff is the show’s driving force, some feel that her Instagram doesn’t do her character credit.

She has been criticized for being irritating, juvenile, and unpleasant by her audience in the past, but her Instagram account shows the complete opposite. According to LPBW fans, her Instagram is boring.

According To Her Fans, Amy Roloff’s Instagram Is Boring

It was announced on July 19, 2022, that Season 23 of Little People, Big World would be the last. However, it turned out that fans didn’t like it.

They are sure that TLC will cancel the show because of how dull and repetitive it has grown since its debut in 2006.

Amy was deceitful all season, yet her Instagram is equally as pale as in Season 23. Talking about this, a Reddit user said, “Amy’s Instagram = Boring.”

“Does anyone else feel Amy’s Instagram is sooo boring? She is the worst at using Instagram to shill her wares. At least the others shill and give a few interesting pictures,” they continued.

Redditor Thinks Amy Ought To Create An “Only Fans” Account

However, another Redditor didn’t agree with the comment and chimed in, “I actually commented the other day on her insta about how sweet it was. I love the little glimpses into her writing and internal monologue.”

 Little People Big World: Fan Thinks Amy Should Start An “Only Fans” Account

Instead of just being business she still gives us a lot of personal updates and it’s totally a ‘mom’ account. As a mom it’s sort of the stuff I like to see- just me tho.” A third user suggested, “Tell her to start an only fans w/ that junk in the trunk.”

“I don’t know very many 60-year-olds with exciting Instagram accounts,” noted the fourth user.

Amy Talks About A Big Accomplishment

It seems like Amy has been doing a lot of travelling since Season 23 ended. The LPBW matriarch mentioned how hectic her summer had been earlier this week.

From Italy to Alaska, she explored everywhere. She relaxed in the sun and spent time with her loved ones.

The 60-year-old also said she’s been exercising regularly. She said on Instagram that she walked 3 kilometers to honor the start of fall and her healthy lifestyle. Do you find her Instagram boring? Leave your feedback here!

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