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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims She’s No Longer Married To Kody

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims She's No Longer Married To Kody

Kody Brown and Christine Brown split up almost a year ago. Sister Wives fans are finally seeing it onscreen. Even though Kody has four wives, he can only be legally married to one. They were never formally married, so their breakup was simple.

Fans know Kody married Meri first. They divorced so he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Even after Kody said he no longer wanted to be married, he and Meri kept their spiritual connection.

New TLC clips show Christine admitting her marriage to Kody Brown was never legally binding. In other words, “divorce” isn’t the proper term. Read on for more information.

Christine Brown Is Done

In the new trailer, Christine acknowledges that she and Kody Brown would be marking twenty-six years together if she had stayed. Actually, she and Kody were never legally married. It was a church-approved spiritual union.

Christine isn’t sure when it’s finished since they were never married legally. She claims she’s no longer married to Kody. She’s no longer a sister-wife.

Simply put, it seems that Christine has ended the marriage. And legally, that is good enough.

Kody and Robyn were determined to keep Christine around, despite being unfriendly. Christine no longer wants plural marriage after 26 years. She said on the show that she knew her leaving would be controversial. She had to do it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims She's No Longer Married To Kody

Life After A Breakup

Breakups are tough. Kody and Christine’s children are mainly grown and have moved on. Only Truely, 12, is at home. Christine noted on the show that Truely Brown never sees Kody Brown as he is, therefore life wouldn’t change much for her.

Christine enjoys life now. She and Janelle took a few kids on a Hawaiian vacation. Kody and Robyn aren’t in any vacation pictures. The family is probably happier without them.

Sister Wives returns Sunday night. Watch TLC at 10 PM to discover what happens next in the Browns’ lives.

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