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Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Gives An Update On Her Health

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Gives An Update On Her Health


Erin Bates Paine had another surgery. She has had a long history of health issues and surgeries, and now she needs yet another one.

She shared what happened with her fans online, admitted she had issues and spoke about how she is feeling right now.

If you’ve been following Erin’s story for a while, you probably know that she’s had some health issues in the past. In February 2021, she said that she had had multiple surgeries in the months before.

At that moment, she said that having another child would be a “miracle.” Surprisingly, approximately a year later, she gave birth to her fifth child. Unfortunately, she is now dealing with new health issues.

Erin Bates Gives Her Followers An Update On Her Health

In a new IG Reel, Erin Bates and Chad Paine gave fans a little update on their lives. The caption reads,“Grateful to be feeling much better after a recent surgery.”

She spoke out in a video about what’s been happening. Erin and Chad sat outside to discuss Erin’s recent health issues with their devoted followers. Erin said her gallbladder had to be removed.

Erin Bates explained, “I have just not been feeling well for a couple months on and off. I had a lot of stomach pain and ended up finding out that it was my gallbladder.”

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Gives An Update On Her Health

“So I had surgery to remove that about two weeks ago and then a couple complications after that…But for the past couple days, I have felt better than I have in such a long time, so I am so grateful for that.”

Check out the clip right here! She doesn’t go into detail about the difficulties she encountered, but we can only hope they were minor. To everyone’s relief, it seems that the issues have been resolved.

Fortunately, Erin Bates seems to be doing OK now, as she claims she is in her video. So, fans don’t have to worry. Are you glad Erin is okay after another surgery? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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