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Sister Wives Fans Still Think What The Heck About Coyote Pass

Sister Wives Fans Still Think What The Heck About Coyote PassSister Wives fans saw Kody Brown move his wives to Flagstaff ages ago. In fact, it’s been about four years since spoilers revealed that he took Meri with him to run the idea by her. To this day, TLC fans ask if the family ever developed their land at Coyote Pass. As Janelle’s the only one who ever lived there, what’s going on with the land?

Sister Wives Spoilers Revealed Kody Brown Never Got His Mansion

Before Christine left the family and moved to Utah, Kody had a big dream about everyone moving into a big mansion. Actually, Meri really didn’t know what to think, and Christine was very opposed to the idea. Anyway, in August last year, spoilers revealed that Christine put her house up for sale. That came after the wives said nope to a big mansion, and they decided to build individual places.

Sister Wives fans saw that Janelle decided to move to her Coyote Pass property. At the time, she opted for the move because she claimed that she always wanted to live in an RV. So, fans thought that construction might begin on her own house whilst she stayed there. However, that didn’t happen, and when winter came, she moved into another rental in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives Spoiler Hinted At Coyote Pass Development

In April this year, Janelle Brown took to her Instagram and shared a video clip of herself talking about how much she loved the Coyote Pass property. She said that she loves “the mountains,” and she actually “loves it all.” In the background, fans saw a lot of logs stacked up.  Additionally, one of her grown sons was helping to move stuff around. So, folks took it as a spoiler that they would see development in season 17.

Sister Wives Fans Still Think What The Heck About Coyote Pass
TLC / YouTube

Sister Wives fans still ask on almost every post if Kody and his remaining wives started building yet. Nobody replies, but the adult kids have talked about it. InTouch Weekly noted thatPaedon Brown mentioned that nothing happened yet. They cited him as saying that there is “Zero chance” of it being developed.

Gwendlyn Confirms

Sister Wives fans also heard that Gwendlyn said that nothing happened yet. And so, it’s doubtful that fans will see any development happening this season. Perhaps, for now, only Janelle will return there every spring. And those logs? Well, they might come in useful as something for Kody to debark whenever he feels the need to work off a tantrum. Fans already saw him doing that in teasers for the new season. However, it seems like a really expensive stress reliever.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC show right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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