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How has My 600-Lb Life Contestant Bethany Stout Transformed Over The Years

How has My 600-Lb Life Contestant Bethany Stout Transformed Over The Years

It’s been a while since fans of the reality TV show My 600-Lb life heard from one of Season 8 patients – Bethany Stout. The show was about losing weight the fastest way possible; however, Bethany couldn’t keep up with the program and demands of Dr. Now.

When the program got tough, Bethany did what many other patients do; she quit. She went home early, but a silver lining to her short stay on the show was that she lost pretty decent weight before going home.

Bethany didn’t complete her program on camera, but after so many years had passed since she last appeared on the show, fans are eager to see how well she’s fared on her weight loss journey in 2022. Read on to find out:

Bethany Amazing Two-Year Body Transformation

You’d agree that Dr. Now’s program isn’t for everyone. First, you must be in Houston to participate, and the program overall is quite demanding – not everyone is willing to give up their food addiction, especially on camera.

Bethany Stout was one of those patients who couldn’t follow through with the program. However, she didn’t lose track of her weight loss journey. Throughout the summer, The Lists shared several photos of Bethany maintaining laser focus on her weight loss routine.

In 2021, she shared a photo captioned “loving life.” In this photo, Bethany looked far less overweight than when she contested on the show. For now, Bethany doesn’t post on her Instagram page.

How has My 600-Lb Life Contestant Bethany Stout Transformed Over The Years

What Does the Future Look Like for Bethany and My 600 Lb-Life

From Bethany’s summer uploads, you can tell that she remains dedicated to completing her weight loss journey. If she maintains her focus and dedication level, she will ace her weight loss routine.

On the contrary, the future of the show My 600-Lb Life remains in doubt. There have been mounting speculations that the show might be canceled due to the bad publicity associated with the show and every growing list of lawsuits.

However, that isn’t stopping TLC from teasing users with trailers of new episodes. In August, Dr. Now teased fans online that new episodes are coming to their screens. Stay tuned for more updates on TLC and Bethan Stout.

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