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I Love A Mama’s Boy: Kimberly Cobb Gets Assaulted In Broad Daylight

I Love A Mama’s Boy: Kimberly Cobb Gets Assaulted In Broad Daylight

Kimberly Cobb is glad to be out of the California turmoil. Her relationship with Matt McAdams devastated her psychologically and emotionally. Plus, Kelly was a pain. 

Despite TLC’s request, she’s enjoying life in Texas. Kim is proof that horrible things happen to good people. She narrated a nightmare on Instagram. Keep reading for more information.

Daylight Assault on Kimberly Cobb

Now residing in Texas, Kimberly detailed the scenario in her Instagram story. She was walking at about 10 a.m. She was near a parking lot on a busy road. 

A man’s vehicle blocked the walkway she needed to pass. As Kimberly approached, he rolled down his window to speak to her. She instinctively didn’t like it, so she ignored his words.

She walked behind his vehicle, where he pulled down his window to talk to her. When she turned around, he was behind her. 

He chased Kimberly and suggested doing something unthinkable to her. Luckily, he fled back to his vehicle as soon as she pulled out her phone.

This guy attacked Kimberly a month earlier in her parking garage. Nothing happened. Finally, she filed a police complaint and advised the ladies to be safe. 

Kimberly thanked her fans for helping her stay vigilant. She vows to inform everyone about this awful scenario.

I Love A Mama’s Boy: Kimberly Cobb Gets Assaulted In Broad Daylight

Moving On Up

Moving to Texas helped Kimberly Cobb escape a dangerous environment. Matt and his mother smothered her. Kelly, his mom, thought she had a right to meddle in their four-year relationship. 

Kelly wanted to recite a poem and officiate the ceremony after the couple became engaged. For Kimberly, moving for work was a privilege.

She said being with Matt was poisonous and she dated his Season 3 girlfriend, Brittany Taylor. They’d connect through Kelly’s boundary-pushing. 

Matt has moved on from both ladies and is dating Devon. Kimberly’s ordeal should end soon, and everyone can be happy.

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