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Sister Wives: What Night Job Did Christine Take to Make More Income?

Sister Wives: What Night Job Did Christine Take to Make More Income?

The Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives gave fans much to ponder. Kody is trying his absolute best to keep his third wife from leaving him while she maturely pleads with him to make Koby understand her reasons for wanting to leave.

Kody has had a pretty bad marriage history. And it seems his third marriage is towing in that direction. Kody is trying all he can to keep her, but his wife had pointed out that their marriage woes began far back when she was pregnant.

She pointed out that while she was pregnant with Truley, she had to take on a night job to fetch more income for the family. However, the mother of six never established what her job description was; read on to find out what exactly it was.

An Age-Long Secret

In Season 1, Christine’s primary job was to be a housewife; she took care of the kids and house chores and permitted Kody’s second wife, Janelle, to do all the heavy lifting to provide for the family.

To many, Janelle was the primary breadwinner, but when Christine was pregnant in Season 1, she took a night job to bring in income.

Christine’s job wasn’t terrible, she was making $1,200 monthly, but everyone finally got wind of her job type after she filed for bankruptcy. According to Starcasm, at the time, Christine was working for the US Census as a data entry worker.

Sister Wives: What Night Job Did Christine Take to Make More Income?

Christine was Going Through Tough Times

All three of Kody’s wives filed for bankruptcy and received government assistance. According to Christine, during this time of bankruptcy, Kody was of little to no help. This was one of the factors that initiated the downward spiral in their relationship.

Janelle and Christine are technically single parents, so when they filed for bankruptcy, they received food stamps as part of their government assistance package.

Currently, Christine doesn’t seem to need Kody as she’s doing pretty well on her own and remains laser-focused on her MLM business. So there are no plausible signs of her going back to Kody.

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