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New Date Revealed For Josh Duggar’s Appeal 

New Date Revealed For Josh Duggar's Appeal On September 9, supporters and critics received an update on the Duggar case. An additional time period has been granted for the ex-TLC star to submit his appeal. So, what are the details?

In case you missed the news, the authorities nabbed Josh in the spring of 2021. After a trial, he was convicted of child pornography.

He was found guilty of child pornography in May and given a 12-and-a-half year prison term. He has been transferred to a prison in Seagoville, Texas, to serve his time.

Josh Duggar’s appeal date was extended on July 28 and August 19. The most recent due date is September 12th.


Josh’s appeal date was extended again on September 9. KNWA, an Arkansas Fox station, reported that his defense team requested a delay to file its opening brief.

The original deadline of September 9 was extended to October 3 after approval by Josh Duggar’s legal team. The team said he “does not expect” another extension. If everything goes as planned, the deadline for submitting the appeal will be October 3.

New Date Revealed For Josh Duggar's Appeal 

These are the same claims that have been used in Josh Duggar’s defense in the past.

It was noted in the motion that “extensive cooperation with the Bureau of Prisons” was necessary in order to meet with Josh, who is being represented by the defense team.

This week, they were able to meet at the prison. Josh’s legal team says, “A meaningful conversation with Duggar was an essential part of preparing Duggar’s opening brief.” This is to make sure Josh’s rights are protected.

Josh’s lawyer stressed that he was not trying to “hinder or postpone” the case in any way.

Do you find it strange that Josh Duggar’s chance to file an appeal has been pushed back again? 

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