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Will Changes To The Masked Singer Season 8 Make It More Popular?

Masked Singer -New Season Updates-1The Masked Singer Season 8 premieres on Fox on September 21. So by this time next week, fans will be discussing the premiere. But at this stage, is it likely that they will shout out praises for the changes to the show? Changes often bring resistance, and this time, they promise to take away a lot of the fun of interacting.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Has Some Ground To Make Up

Back in 2020, the talent show on Fox was soaring through the ratings. Actually, at one stage in Season 3, it topped 7 million viewers and hit a high note in the 18-49 demographic on Fox. Back then, Sarah Palin was under the Bear mask, which literally foxed viewers for some time, as they seemed unable to guess who she was. The same season brought some surprises, like Drew Carey, Tom Bergeron, and Tony Hawk.

The Masked Singer made its debut that year after The Super Bowl, and fans enjoyed it very much. The best part was trying to guess who people were from the clues. And of course, to watch the judges get it wrong. However, viewers later got seriously annoyed when Rudy Giuliani appeared under a mask in Season 7. Making no apology for it, Fox annoyed even more people. Now the question is, will the new changes appease people?

The Masked Singer Changes For Season 8

The new season brings a lot of contestants. TV Shows Ace talked about more than 20 of them. And that sounds exciting, right? Lots of talent, and lots of guessing. However, the guessing will fall away. And let’s face it, the fun of it was always in the game of guessing. Without it, perhaps the popularity withers and dies even more than it did after Rudy’s appearance.

Will Changes To The Masked Singer Season 8 Make It More Popular
Populism Updates / Twitter

Populism Updates included The Masked Singer in their Twitter Poll that ended on September 15.  Only abolishing the British Monarchy topped those who decided they hate the Fox show. And, a lot of folks claimed that Rudy had ruined it for them. With the news dropping about the changes just a short time before the poll ended, it might have vied even close to the monarchy in unpopularity.

No Time To Guess?

According to TV Shows Ace, those who watch The Masked Singer in Season 8, won’t have the time to play with clues and guesses. The new format means, “the guessing part of the show will no longer mean anything for fans who watch it to figure out who the singers are.”

That’s because there will be three singers who will perform each week. The one with the lowest votes goes. Then the remaining two have a sing-off and only one remains. In effect, the outlet notes, “That means fans will have less than 30 minutes to guess their identity before they are gone.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think the new changes will lose the show a lot of popularity? Sound off in the comments below.

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