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Days of Our Lives Star Cady McClain Revisits Jennifer’s Drug Addiction

Days of Our Lives Star Cady McClain Revisits Jennifer's Drug AddictionDays of Our Lives spoilers reveal Jennifer’s pill addiction causing more problems and more tragedy than it did the last time around in 2016. Another difference in 2022 is the actress who will be playing the story. Melissa Reeves was Jennifer in 2016 and Cady McClain is portraying the character now.

Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer Just Can’t Cope

When Jennifer Horton Deveraux first became addicted to pills in 2016, it was after a New Year’s Eve car accident that left her with back unbearable back pain. As her life wasn’t going well at that point, she became addicted to the painkiller both as physical and emotional comfort.

Jennifer finally decided to seek help after a visit from Jack Deveraux’ (Matthew Ashford) spirit that was likely all in her head since it turned out Jack was actually alive.

This time around, Jennifer is experiencing the worst grief that a person can go through after losing her daughter in a brutal murder. While she has seemed fine on the outside, she clearly is not fine and has been filling a prescription meant for Doug Williams (Bill Hayes).

Cady McClain Loves The Juicy Story

When McClain first played Jennifer in 2020, she played out a plot in which Jennifer learned that Jack had a one-night stand with Kate Roberts while she was in a year-long coma. She also learned that Jack had a grown daughter he never knew of, Gwen Rizcech.

Now McClain gets to revisit Jennifer’s addiction and has some meaty material coming up and is thrilled to be playing this tale.

Days of Our Lives Star Cady McClain Revisits Jennifer's Drug Addiction

“It’s wonderful when production chooses to give you a storyline of any kind,” McClain said in the September 19, 2022, issue of Soap Opera Digest. “Something like this was so great because it was a wonderful way to address a mother’s grief. This particular character has been carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders.”

McClain also understands how serious a story like addiction can be and is proud to be playing it.

“It’s been very emotional and challenging to do,” she told Digest. “I’ve known people in my life who have had this and it’s awful. As an actor, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to create some reality around it. People have had children murdered…it really happens.”

From the looks of the DOOL fall preview, Jennifer will be on pills and cause a terrible car accident, bringing her full circle to how this first began. Stream Days of Our Lives weekdays on Peacock starting at 6 am EST.

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