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Mama June Shannon Gets Slammed For Different Kind Of Promo

Mama June ShannonMama June Shannon changed her appearance and then she changed her promos. Of course, she still has a large following on social media, and for now, an income from the WEtv show. But, as she blew a lot of money on drugs, she can probably use additional income from promoting things on Instagram. This time, she chose something other than weight loss products but still got slammed anyway.

Mama June Made Cash Off Television & Promos

Honey Boo Boo’s (Alana Thompon) mom made buckets of money from reality television. Actually, it all started with Alana and Toddlers and Tiaras. Then fans saw the family in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Later, she ended up on Marriage Boot Camp. Then June decided to transform herself in Not to Hot. Of course that all went south when she started taking drugs with Geno Doak and rejected a family intervention.

Mama June Shannon made it back from her drug stupor and these days, she’s back at it promoting products on her social media. Although she earns about $25K from the show, she has a lot of ground to make up. Bear in mind, she and Geno pretty much bankrupted themselves. So, she promotes products, but usually, she sticks with weight loss items.

Mama June Changes Her Look, Promotes Cookies

This week, the former Not to Hot star took to her Instagram and revealed that she dyed her hair bright pink. Additionally, WEtv fans think she had more cheek fillers. Unusually, she promoted sweet treats, which really isn’t about weight loss. However, it’s not as boring as her usual promotions. Still, that didn’t stop folks from slamming her.

Mama June Shannon Gets Slammed For Different Kind Of Promo
June Shannon / Instagram

Mama June said in her caption that she likes sweet things and she seemed all excited about the shipping of the big box of cookies. Actually, she seemed very taken with the “raspberry butter cake cookie.” Anyway, she promised to do more reviews, but not everyone was thrilled to see her chomping down on the sweet treats.

Fans Slam The Promo

Some Mama June fans sweetly said they would try the product. And, others talked about them being “gluten-free.” However, other people slammed her. One critic asked, “What happened to the diet powder you were endorsing? Come on now.”

Meanwhile, other critics suggested that the TV star would sell anything for a few dollars. At the same time, others think that her almost manic presentation indicates that she’s back on some sort of drugs. One person opined, “Why are you constantly swaying? Leave those drugs alone, and remember that YOU come first!!”

One particularly harsh follower said, “U can’t tell me ya ain’t high. u ain’t never fkn spoke so fast. can’t sit still. come on June unreal y’all need to stop fkn donating $$ to this bs. go back to ya kids and be a damn mama.”

What do you think? Is it just fun to troll the reality TV star? Or, do you see something wrong with her promoting sweet treats? Sound off in the comments below.

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