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90 Day Fiancé: Paul Staehle Says He’s Lucky To Be Alive

90 Day Finance: Paul Staehle Says He’s Lucky To Be AliveYou’d agree that it’s been a rough couple of months for 90 Day Fiancé alum star Paul Staehle. Earlier this year, his son, Pierre, went missing. Now, it seems Paul cheated death because, according to him, “I’m lucky to be alive.”

What exactly happened to Paul that almost cost him his life, read on to find out more.

Paul Recounts Near Death Experience

Paul took off on a trip to Brazil. We’re not sure what the trip was for but based on what we know; it was probably a trip to reconnect with old friends.

Paul was having the time of his life during this trip; he decided to take a swim in a river. It seemed like a regular swim everyone takes but unknown to Paul, this dive could have cost him his life.

As he dove into the water, he was dragged under a rough current. He started gulping in water uncontrollably and almost lost his life. Paul was on the verge of drowning due to the terrible water current; thankfully, he was safely pulled to the shores by several people who noticed his struggle.

After Paul was pulled from the water, he was rushed to the ER, where the doctors couldn’t believe he actually made it out of the water alive.

However, after the doctors performed X-rays on paul, they discovered that he probably had a lung infection. Paul made it to the hospital safely, but he’s been placed on antibiotics to help negate the effects of his possible lung infection.

90 Day Finance: Paul Staehle Says He’s Lucky To Be Alive

What Did Paul Have to Say?

Neglecting the possibility of Paul having a lung infection, Paul deemed it necessary to address his fans and provide an update on his health situation.

He took to his Instagram story and shared some photos, most of which were on hospital beds. He also made a Reel of himself on his hospital bed. He thanked everyone for their support and care and acknowledged that he took in a lot of water during his incident.

We wish Paul all the best during this tough time. 

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