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Why Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Roberta Bailed Out On The Merrifields?

Why Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Roberta Bailed Out On The Merrifields?After much anticipation, the last episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 has finally been aired. The Davises and the Merrifields were the two major couples in the show. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion for both families, but it ended up being a sad one.

The plan did not come to fruition as everyone had envisioned. Has Roberta taken the plunge and moved to the United States? A spoiler is ahead, so keep reading.

Did Roberta Finally Make It To America?

The Merrifields were in Brazil when they gave Roberta the money for her ticket, making it their last contact with her.

There was a limited time for her to apply for her visa and go to the United States. But she had said she would come, and now she was determined to keep her word.

During the opening credits, it was revealed that the episode’s production team was meant to accompany her to the United States. Then, a devastating text message changed everything for the couple.

That’s right, Roberta bailed out. Angry and hurt by what she felt to be a lie, Dannielle sat in silence, weeping and yelling.

Unfortunately, the couple was saddened to learn that they had been duped by her after providing her with monthly assistance.

Why Did Seeking Sister Wife Star Roberta Bailed Out On The Merrifields?

It was hard for Dannielle to accept that she and Garrick had to split up in order to bring Bert to the United States.

 In addition, they relocated to a bigger house so that they could have space for a second wife and give Dannielle and Bert a room of their own.

Are Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield Seeing Someone New?

The couple ultimately decided they still wanted to follow this lifestyle, even though God apparently did not see Bert as a good match.

At the end of the show, during the credits and the update, it was shown that they were seeing someone else. She is also from Brazil.

This season’s TV Shows Ace previews hinted that Roberta was a con artist, so the revelation that she really was one shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Could the Merrifields be getting ready for another season?

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