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Carlin Bates Gives Updates On The Health Of Her Kids

Carlin Bates Gives Updates On The Health Of Her KidsCarlin Bates Stewart of the Bringing Up Bates series recently shared an update on her kids’ health. She and her husband, Evans Stewart, have 2 kids, 2-year-old Layla, and 5-month-old Zade. Both their kids have been ill recently.

Carlin Has Issues With Her Health

Carlin Stewart has not had time to take a good rest in weeks. After giving birth to Zade in March, she began experiencing seizure-like moments. There were several times when she passed out. One of her seizure episodes resulted in her having a concussion after she hit her head hard.

She has been to the hospital for tests several times, but no definite diagnosis has been made. However, she is taking anti-seizure drugs at the moment.

Layla and Zade are currently ill, but theirs is not so serious. Regardless, it must be tasking for Carlin to worry about her health and that of her kids at the same time. She must be itching for a small window to just take a real break.

Carlin Bates Gives Updates On The Health Of Her Kids

Layla And Zade Have Been Down With Fever

Carlin shared a photo of Layla and Zade sleeping together in bed on her Instastories this week. She revealed that they spent the weekend at home because both of them had the flu. The Bringing Up Bates star added that seeing her kids down with fever was hard for her.

The good news is that their health condition is not that bad. We hope they are up and running soon. Zade was treated for a cold recently, which required him to get breathing therapies.

Hopefully, Carlin will provide more cheering updates on how her kids are faring soon. At the moment, she is likely shuffling between her medical appointments and making sure her kids recover from their bouts of fever.

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