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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hits The Road With Her Husband’s Ex-wife

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hits The Road With Her Husband's Ex-wifeRecent activity on Janelle Brown and Christine’s Instagram Stories suggests the duo is hitting the road. Christine Brown uploaded a Car Confessions video on her Instagram Story.

This time, though, there was a twist: she brought a guest. Janelle Brown was holding the phone while Christine was behind the wheel.

 Janelle’s face was the very first to appear on camera. As usual, she turned to Christine, who was chanting “Car Confessions.” The camera then moved to Janelle, and she said, “with a guest” at the end.

 To everyone’s surprise, Janelle Brown was hitting the road with Christine, her husband’s ex-wife. The destination of these two attractive women remains a mystery. Keep reading to find out more, and watch the video.

 A Real Sisterhood

Many fans of Sister Wives hope that Janelle Brown will leave Kody. Viewers want her to go and move to Utah with Christine.

The fact that Janelle and Christine have managed to keep their friendship intact has won the hearts of people regardless of whether or not Janelle quits her relationship with Kody. This duo is always showing up on each other’s Instagram feeds.

So, Christine’s leaving Kody hasn’t ruined her friendship with Janelle. Furthermore, knowing that their sisterhood was genuine is a relief to viewers.

On Instagram Stories last night, Janelle and Christine Brown announced they were leaving for a road trip. A bright yellow garment hung in the trunk of the car.

Unfortunately, these lovely ladies didn’t say where they were going. Fans of Sister Wives wished them well and hoped they had a pleasant time on their trip.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hits The Road With Her Husband's Ex-wife

What Do You Think?

Is there a chance that Janelle Brown may leave Kody if she sees how much simpler Christine’s life is without him? Does Janelle have any reason to stay with Kody at all?

Please share your thoughts on Janelle Brown’s decision to go on the road trip with her ex-sister-in-law in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for more information on Sister Wives.

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