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Is Sister Wives Kody Brown Brokenhearted?

Is Sister Wives Kody Brown Brokenhearted?It seems like the Sister Wives patriarch is getting emotional in new Season 17 teasers. Indeed, fans predicted that his split with Christine Brown was going to be an ugly one. However, they never knew it would reach this extent.

In this short clip, fans could see that Kody revealed that he was disappointed with his wives. He was utterly broken in his words and wanted to scream. So what made him say this? What happened? Keep reading to get all the details.

Kody Brown Gets Upset

A short clip was recently shared on TLC’s official Instagram page. Things are not going well with Kody and Christine. At the beginning of the clip, Christine talks about her marriage. She confesses that her marriage to Kody has brought her nothing but pain and heartbreak.

Kody agrees with her, though. However, they believe that their marriage ended due to different reasons.

Different Opinions?

First, Christine accused Kody of not spending time with her. She revealed that Kody spent more time with his other wives than her. On the other hand, Kody believes that their marriage fell apart because Christine wasn’t fully committed to the family’s polygamous lifestyle.

Kody Further revealed that her years of complaining really turned him off. In another scene, Kody stated that he wanted to “scream” and has been depressed by Christine’s complaints over the years. In his mind, Kody believes that Christine’s the problem. And not the marriage.

Is Sister Wives Kody Brown Brokenhearted?

So, what do you think? Does Kody have the right to claim he was heartbroken? Or is he very emotional about the whole issue? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in the comment section.

What To Expect In Season 17

Sister Wives fans know this season will primarily focus on Christine’s departure. But there’s more—a lot more. You see, Robyn’s marriage with Kody is going through a lot in Season 17.

Now, devout followers of the show already know that Kody and Robyn are still married in 2022. Hopefully, their relationship will stand the test of time. For now, Christine hopes that she and Koy will still be friends. However, judging from the teasers released, that may not be the case.

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