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Sister Wives Star Christine Dishes On How She Beats TV Snack Attacks

Sister Wives Star Christine Dishes On How She Beats TV Snack AttacksSister Wives star Christine Brown often shares about her personal life on her social media. Mind you, these days a lot of posts are about promos.  After all, rumors suggest that Kody doesn’t help with payments for Truely. So, she has to work. But, when she’s relaxing, she watches TV. And, she found a  way to stop those snack attacks.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Loves her Food

When Kody’s ex-third wife landed her own spinoff, a lot of fans loved tuning in and watching her on Cooking with Just Christine. Actually, some TLC fans thought that Meri felt a bit jealous of that. So, they slammed her when she got snarky on her Friday With Friends podcast.  Back then, she said that she and her friend Jenn Sullivan would do “Cooking with Just Jenn.”

Sister Wives fans also know that apart from Christine Brown, Janelle enjoys whipping up a meal. Or sometimes, she resorts to store-bought snacks and treats. Actually, she often talks about borrowing Christine’s recipes. So, TLC fans naturally assume that Christine makes delicious TV snacks. But, she tries to avoid that.

How Does Sister Wives Star Christine Stop Her Snack Attacks?

Like most Americans, Christine Brown probably wants to relax in front of the TV with things like Doritos, Lays chips, and of course, popcorn. But, Truely’s mom doesn’t do that because she keeps her hands busy. Taking to Instagram on the weekend, she said,I HAVE to crochet when I watch TV otherwise I feel like I must work or eat popcorn! “

Sister Wives Star Christine Dishes On How She Beats TV Snack Attacks
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans might wonder who does crochet in this day and age? Well, a lot of people do, judging by the comments. One fan said, “Same with me. I crochet the whole time watching your show!” And then another one wrote, “Crochet !!!!!!! Always def stops the snacking and helps calm the mind.”

The History Of Crochet

Sister Wives star Christine Brown keeps her hands busy being creative when she watches TV by taking up a skill that started off with shepherds. Well, the skill took on a new level of interest when Queen Victoria encouraged folks to take up the early 19th-century craze.  But in the 1960s, hand crochet dresses and fashion came into vogue.

These days, folks interested in it can check out the tutorials on the Wool and the Gang website. 

What else do you do to stop yourself from having those snack attacks while you watch TV? Do you get creative? Or are you the sort of person who enjoys sipping a glass of wine? Let us know in the comments below.

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