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Bringing Up Bates: Who Is Getting Pregnant?

Bringing Up Bates: Who Is Getting Pregnant?

Bringing Up Bates fans understand that someone is always expecting in the Bates family. At the moment, Gill and Kelly Bates have 19 children. Many of their kids have grown up, married, and raised their own families.

Cambree is the 21st grandchild of the Bates family. She was born last month and is the fourth child of Tori and Bobby Smith. So who’s gotten pregnant again? Let’s dig into it.

Meet The Pregnant Moms

Two members of the Bates family are currently pregnant. One of them is Esther Keyes. She’s Nathan Bates’ wife, expecting her first child. They first shared the news on mothers day 2022 after they got married in October 2021. 

The couple announced they would expect a girl, and the baby’s name would be Kenna Joy. Fortunately, this baby is due in October. Last month, Katie Bates and Travis Clark announced they would expect a child in March 2023. 

For now, the sex of this child is unknown, and they haven’t got a name yet. However, they will be having a gender reveal party this month. 

Bringing Up Bates: Who Is Getting Pregnant?

So, Who’s Going To Get Pregnant Next?

Fans believe that some ladies are now pregnant or will be soon. Maybe some of them are waiting for a while before making the announcement. Now on Reddit, some fans are predicting who may give birth next year. 

These are all speculations. But they have been very consistent. Some fans believe Alyssa Webster will be the next in line on Reddit. Although she talked about closing the baby factory after four kids, fans think she may want to have a son.

Other fans also speculate that Tori, Whitney, Lydia, and Tiffany will be ed in 2023. They also speculated that Alyssa would make an announcement in 2023 but would give birth in 2024. So, guys, who do you think will be pregnant next? Sound off in the comment section below. 

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