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Has Little People Big World Matt Roloff and Tori Settled Their Differences?

Has Little People Big World Matt Roloff and Tori Settled Their Differences?

Little People, Big World fans could always sense the tension between Matt Roloff and Tori anytime they were in the same room. It’s been a while since the season aired, and fans want to know if both parties are now on speaking terms after the ‘farm’ incident.

Judging by their recent Instagram activity, it seems like they have let go of their differences, especially Tori. So, are they back together as a family? Keep reading to find out.

Jackson’s Latest Achievement, Matt Reacts

Jackson, Tori’s son, just started his first day at kindergarten this week. While she was happy about his growth, she was also sad that he wasn’t a baby anymore. Of course, fans rushed to the comment section to celebrate Jackson’s new milestone.

However, someone in the comment section got fans curious- Matt Roloff. As we all know, Matt loves his grandson. He was very close to Jackson until Zach threw a wedge between him and Jackson after the farm negotiations fell apart.

Many fans had mixed feelings about this situation. Some felt keeping Jackson away from Matt was a wrong decision. Other fans felt Matt was hiding some dirty secret about his father that the rest of the world didn’t know. Could it be that Jackson’s grandparents are toxic?

Well, many fans, in Zach’s defense, said that he had the right to protect his children. To them, it was Zac’s decision, and everyone should respect it.

Has Little People Big World Matt Roloff and Tori Settled Their Differences?

The founder of Roloff Farms went on hiatus after the show ended. In the last season, Matt was seen by many fans as a bad father. He was the black sheep of his own family. This was because he made a decision that went in favor of his children.

He returned online to share the sad news of his father’s passing. He also has an update on his mother. After this, the grandad hasn’t had much to say. So, fans were shocked when they found him on Tori’s Page.

Tori Responds To Matt’s Comment

When Tori saw Matt’s Post on her page, she didn’t reply. Instead, she liked the comment. She acknowledged the post even though she didn’t say anything to him. This has made many fans believe Tori is not ready to have a casual conversation with her father-in-law.

Overall, there still seems to be some tension between them. However, it seems Matt is ready to move on with his life and mend the situation

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