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Joy Forsyth Is Choosing To Do Things Her Way

Joy Forsyth Is Choosing To Do Things Her Way

Joy Forsyth has continued to walk away from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s rules and regulations since she married. Recently, Joy-Anna Forsyth and her children went on a weekend getaway with her friend, Carlin Bates.

These beautiful ladies shared some photos of their adventure on Instagram, and fans were excited about it.

Joy Turns Deaf Ears To Her Mom’s Advice

While growing up, the Duggars never allowed any of their daughters to travel or go out without supervision. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were very strict with the girls in the house. They believed that some parts of their body should only be viewed by their husbands.

Michelle Duggar has always talked about the need for women to understand their responsibilities and the rules they should adhere to. For instance, Michelle made a post on the purpose of a wife on the Duggar family blog.

In this blog post, she mentioned that women must always make themselves available to their husbands. Michelle, for example, had always put her husband first, and she did her best to pass on this wisdom to her daughters. However, it seems like Joy has strayed away from this idea.

Joy Forsyth Is Choosing To Do Things Her Way

Joy Puts Herself First

As we mentioned earlier, Joy-Anna Forsyth enjoyed a weekend getaway with her children and friend, Carlin. During this adventure, Joy noted that she stayed up too late talking. She also got a sunburn after staying with Carlinin the sun for too long.

That said, she was glad that her children had fun, and when they got back, they were so excited to see their father at home. Many fans admitted that it would have been preferable for Joy to leave the kids at home with their dad. But what do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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