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Days Of Our Lives: Brandon Barash Talks About Jake’s Murder and Stefan’s Resurrection

Days Of Our Lives: Brandon Barash Talks About Jake’s Murder and Stefan’s ResurrectionDays Of Our Lives spoilers and updates tease that Brandon Barash opened up about the killing of Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash) and the resurrection of Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)DiMera (Brandon Barash) on the sudser. The actor admitted that he’s been aware that something bad would happen soon, and it did.

Barash joined the sudser back in March 2019 as Stefan DiMera. His character was a fan-favorite, but despite that, he was still killed off. His alter ego resurfaced as Jake in 2020 and was revealed to be Stefan’s twin brother. But just like Stefan, Jake was also killed off.

That doesn’t mean Barash is gone for good. Jake’s heart is being transplanted into Stefan, which means his previous character is back in action. So, how does the actor feel about Jake getting killed off?

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actor shared that Jake lost his way.

“His storyline just kind of stopped. I took that as they either didn’t know what to do with him anymore or they were going to get rid of me or get rid of the character.”

Transition From Jake To Stefan

Barash said that the transition from Jake to Stefan was easier than he thought.

“Yet it’s been a lot more deliberate than I had initially imagined. Playing Jake made me learn a lot more about Stefan than I knew when I was there in the first place,” he said.

“It’s almost like seeing an old friend after a long time and really sitting down with that person and listening to them. It’s been a joy to play him again. It really has been,” he explained.

It’s been an exciting experience for him to return as Stefan because he’s a different character from Jake. He described Stefan as “very slow and methodical” and someone who is very deliberate.

Days Of Our Lives: Brandon Barash Talks About Jake’s Murder and Stefan’s Resurrection

Jake, on the other hand, can’t sit still. He’s the type of person who needs to do something all the time. The stark differences between the two alter egos make it more enjoyable for Barash as he rediscovers Stefan. He added that playing the role of Jake taught him a lot about Stefan. He considered playing Stefan once again as seeing an old friend after a very long time.

Working With Camila Banus

The actor shared that he didn’t call Camila Banus, who plays Gabi Hernandez. But they were on one set when they discussed him returning as Stefan. They’re both interested in finding out what happens next, especially since there’s going to be a new dynamic added to their relationship.

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